Saturday, March 17, 2012

How I First Became Interested in Disasters

The book that started it all:
Years ago I purchased the book, Darkest Hours by Jay Robert Nash. It includes brief summaries of a large number of disasters, and longer essays on many of the disasters. It is the book that first introduced me to the idea that while disasters are fascinating and horrifying they also bring about changes that benefit the world.  
Darkest Hours was just the first purchase in my library of disaster books that continues to grow each day. It was printed in 1976, and I hope to continue its legacy by including here disasters that have happened since that date, and by gathering additional information about the events I first came to know by reading there.
If you wish to learn more than this blog can ever cover, Darkest Hours is the first disaster book you should buy. The book is out of print, but used copies are available on AbeBooks and Amazon.
I will also note sources for my research in each of my blog entries, and hope that these citations will guide you to websites and books that provide more information than I have included.
Thank you for being a reader of Disasters That Changed the World.

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